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Since 1918, Jewish Family Service of San Diego has empowered San Diegans to build better lives. While their purpose has remained constant, the way they work and communicate evolves along with their community. Today, they are proud to introduce you to the inspiring space where they will pursue their mission, and new branding that reflects their agency's energy and commitment to partnering with the community. 

The Joan & Irwin Jacobs Campus is the special place where their vision and values come alive. Learn more here

Member Agency Executives attending the 2016 AJFCA Annual Conference will have an opportunity to tour this new building. 

by Beth Huppin, Director, Project Kavid, JFS Seattle
I grew up in Spokane, down the street from my grandparents. They were early 20th century immigrants from Eastern Europe who arrived at a time before the term "refugee resettlement" had been coined. My grandfather, who fled the Ukraine because of pogroms, arrived in America as a teenager with his mother, joining his father who came earlier. My great-grandfather had established a small store but died of a burst appendix within a few months of the family's reunification. My 17-year-old grandfather was left to run the store and support his mother and an infant brother. 

Even though the store was quickly bankrupt, the local non-Jewish Russian-speaking lumberjacks found a way to buy the inventory and then gift it back to my grandfather so he could keep the business going. Why did those non-Jewish lumberjacks help my grandfather? Read the entire article posted on January 7th here

On January 27th, Jewish Family Service of Cincinnati promoted 
International Holocaust Remembrance Day on their Facebook page, via Twitter and in their monthly email sent to nearly 8,000 recipients.

JFS Cincinnati spent $5 to boost the International Holocaust Remembrance Day post for one day on Facebook and the response was amazing. In a day it reached 9,975 people, and got 586 likes, 37 comments, and 163 shares. And, 15 more likes to their page. Great engagement around a topic of critical importance.